Month 24

Your baby

Your child

Children’s size and height starts varying a lot at this age, so don’t make comparisons. If you think your child’s appetite has decreased lately, you’re probably right. They need less energy because their growing has slowed down. Their body knows this and adapts their appetite accordingly.  


Children’s willpower develops faster than their fine motor skills – as you might well have noticed. When getting dressed in the morning, your toddler probably wants to do everything unassisted, causing frustration all around. The clock is ticking and your child gets angry because their buttons are too fiddly to do up, their jumper is silly and when you try to help they yell  “I can do it!”  You’re not alone in having a headstrong two year-old who hates being helped. Here are some tips to help the morning dressing dramas: Only keep simple-to-put-on clothes in their drawers. Opt for pull-on jumpers and T-shirts and choose trousers with elasticised waists. Get rid of everything else – just for now. Negotiate a routine where you start dressing your toddler and leave something for them to finish off with. This can save morning tempers all around.  


For many people, the sound of whining is close to mild torture It's actually easier to cope with a big tantrum So what’s the solution? Besides staving off hunger and fatigue and actually listening to our children, what can we do? Help! Add your tips below

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