Week 4

Your bump

The cluster of cells is no longer just cells; it is referred to as an embryo (and will be until after the 10th week of pregnancy). The embryo, which is now covered by a protective membrane, has burrowed itself in the mucous membrane, which lines the womb, so that your blood can supply the cells with nourishment from a placenta that continues to form. It is so tiny, but already there is development toward the first nerve cells.  The basic structure of what will later become the digestive system, blood vessels and lungs are outlined.


Out of the (approximately) 500 million sperm, around 50,000 made the journey through the Fallopian tubes, where they met your egg.  The fastest and strongest sperm won the race - and you became pregnant. Congratulations! You may feel doubtful, am I really pregnant? It is difficult to believe especially if you are feeling normal...  On the other hand, a positive test changes everything. New thoughts present themselves: what does this mean for me, for us? How will this change my life, our life? But don’t panic. Things will work themselves out along the way; you have 40 weeks to get to grips with it, to plan and prepare. Embrace this: Welcome to the most amazing journey of your life.

Light period - tested positive

You are probably pregnant You may have bleeding, like a light period, but this is only your hormones playing a trick on you

You can also have some spotting when the cluster of cells burrows its way into the mucous membrane This is perfectly normal Talk to your midwife or doctor if you still feel unsure and/or worried You could ask for an early ultrasound

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