Week 37

Your bump

Your baby is now collecting nourishment needed for the delivery. He or she draws in the amniotic fluid in the lungs and presses it out, again and again. The last of this water is pressed out during delivery.


You are probably feeling more frequent and stronger contractions, nothing to worry about. But it is a reminder: Now it’s time to eat a lot of carbohydrates such as pasta and bread. When labour starts, you will be consuming approximately 500 calories per hour. It is a marathon run to give birth and you will do well to prepare yourself for it. Rest a lot, eat well and store up on carbohydrates so that you can cope better.    

Kick-start the labour

No, not really It is the baby who decides when it is time Research shows that the length of pregnancy is programmed in the genes, so it is something that the baby inherits from you and the father

There are those who try spicy food, sex, going up the stairs or castor oil, but mostly with dubious results

The best solution is to wait, which is not the easiest thing to do as you move towards 42 weeks and you start wondering if there is ever going to be a child or if you just imagined it The most common advice is that if it feels too slow, try to do something every day - movie, coffee with friends, dinners and such like

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