Week 18

Your bump

The facial muscles have developed well enough for a lot of expressions, so your baby may be squinting at you… although it’s not conscious. Yet. Your baby is continuing to grow and develop, but now the rapid growth rate slows down a little. The baby's ears now stick out from its head and have reached their final positions. And the eyes have moved more towards the front. The eyes have eyebrows and signs of eyelashes. The retinas react to light, through the sealed eyelids. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


There is an opportunity coming up for you to get even more acquainted with your baby; around week 18 to 20 you are offered an ultrasound scan. Many witness that it is amazing seeing one’s own child, maybe for the first time. For the father or partner who is not pregnant, this is usually the first time he or she really, really understands, or believes, that there is a baby coming. Suddenly in that ultrasound scans room everything is for real. Really for real. But since ultrasound is a type of prenatal diagnostic tool, it is of course optional.


Every parent’s worst fear is that there should be something wrong with their baby What you’ll do in that case is a very personal decision And depends on so many things, but above all what actually is wrong
A good thing is to have thought this through, the different options, before the ultrasound Share your fears and thoughts with each other Your midwife or doctor can also help you in these discussions

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