Week 15

Your bump

Look at the face, the eyes continue to move to the front of the face, but are not yet in place. You can see eyebrows now. If your baby has a tendency towards dark hair, it will start to produce dark pigment. And by the end of this week, your baby will be able to make a fist. The cerebellum (part of the brain) and the spinal cord are now established. The skin is thin, you can actually see the blood vessels through it. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


For the first time in your life you can really truthfully say: "I've got nothing to wear!" Because your waistline is just not around any longer! Now you have a little bump under your belly button. Since your womb is growing up and out, the urge to find a toilet has probably become less important. In order to cope with the increased amount of blood and the baby's oxygen requirements, your heart has increased its capacity by 20 per cent. It can sometimes give you palpitations. It’s nothing to worry about.


No and yes It’s great that you are exercising <staying fit and fabulous during the pregnancy>, the stronger you are, the better your muscles will be able to cope with the baby's weight gain – and it reduces the risk of back pain and cramp in the legs But as the pregnancy progresses you should listen to your body Discomfort is bad Strain or stress as well Your exercises should make you feel good, not the opposite
Later on in the pregnancy there are some sports you should avoid where there is a risk of you falling or getting hit

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