Month 17

Your baby

Your child

How can you tell when it’s time to cut out a daytime nap? One good sign is if your child is wide awake in the evening and won’t settle down to sleep. Another is if they start refusing to nap either in the morning or in the afternoon. Try skipping one nap for a few days. If your child stays in a reasonably good mood all day, it's probably time to lose it.  


Opening and closing all the cupboard doors and pulling out and emptying every drawer within reach is fantastic fun. We recommend you put child lock devices on some of your doors and drawers, while keeping strictly child-friendly contents in others. Those child-friendly cupboards and drawers will keep your little one happily occupied long enough for you to sit down and read the newspaper in peace!

Give up the dummy

That's totally up to you It’s claimed that prolonged dummy use can damage a child’s front teeth Discuss this with your dentist

But remember that giving up is hard, so be patient with your little one

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