Top tips for creative toddlers

Here are some tips for creative toddlers who are totally into art and crafts.

• Make prints with paint – use cut potatoes, corks, sponges, lids and anything else you can think of
• Make a collage – set up the dining table with loads of glue, paint, paper, felt pens and cheap and interesting collage bits from the $2 shop
• Decorate large sheets of paper with painted stripes, dots or other shapes to build up a store of cheap wrapping paper

• Make play dough: 1 Tbsp oil; 1 cup flour; 2 tsp cream of tartar; 1 cup water; ½ cup salt; food colouring Mix together in a pot and cook over a low heat until it sticks together Knead on a floured board
• Cover a balloon or a plate in papier-mâché, leave it to dry and paint the next day
• Make jewellery out of tinfoil It’s easy to mould and twist into shapes
• Make puppets out of old socks

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