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The very best toys

Which toys and games are best for your child? Of course you want your child to develop properly. But it's ok: you already have everything they need at home.

We often consider, ask others about, and search on the Internet for the best ways to inspire our kids, which toys to buy, and which games to play All because we don’t want our children to fall behind in their development (in fact, we’d rather they were a little ahead…)
But did you know that they already have all they need at home?
You are the most fun toy
You have the most fun toys in your drawers and cupboards: Baking tins, wooden spoons, plastic utensils … and you You are still by far the most fun toy Nursery rhymes, songs and finger games are always popular Looking at pictures and reading books are also great fun Taking a bath is a game! Add the innate desire of your child to develop and you’re sorted It’s no more difficult than that Thank goodness!
Making a genius of your baby
Make a kitchen cupboard child-safe, fill it with jars and spoons and pop a pair of earplugs in if they start bashing and banging too much Buy or borrow a book of nursery rhymes and songs
This is all you need to make your child the genius they already are
What do you usually do with your child? Share here!
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