Developing their language

There are two key ways you can help your child develop language. One is to read to them a lot. The other is to talk to them.

No doubt your child is trying out new words all the time Even bad words… They listen and learn and soak up new words like little sponges If you want to help them develop language some more, read to them a lot, all kinds of books, both fiction and non-fiction Here are a few other suggestions:
A day in the life of you
At bedtime, tell them the story of what happened in their day The skills of sequencing, prediction, retelling and remembering events are all developed through this activity
What, who and how?
Take turns asking each other a question Try to ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer
Odd one out
This can be played in several ways If focusing on rhyme, you could give your child three or four words in which one doesn’t rhyme, like cat, mat and dog and ask them which one ends in a different way or sounds different You can also do this with synonyms such as happy, glad and angry - which one doesn’t belong? This is a good way to extend vocabulary and explain new or rarely-used words
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