The perfect maternity bra

It's time to give those new breasts a special new bra! A good-fitting, comfortable and smart maternity bra is essential. Here is some good advice.

You’ve probably noticed that your breasts have changed during your pregnancy Most women go up one cup size and your breasts will continue to grow during the first month after the birth (however, this varies greatly from one woman to the next)

You have probably already been forced to buy bigger bras, but now it´s time for that special bra – the maternity bra

No underwire
When you´re breastfeeding, you shouldn´t wear underwire bras The underwire can cut into the breast, constricting milk flow The same thing can happen with an ordinary bra If you hitch it up over your breasts to feed, this also restricts milk flow

So it’s important to wear a good-fitting and comfortable maternity bra, especially during the first three months of breastfeeding Have a fitting for the bra two to three weeks before your baby is due

Here’s what to look for:

Wide back strap for support
The wider the better for maximum support – look for straps with three hooks across During the first few weeks of breastfeeding your breast size varies greatly from day to day You need to be able to loosen and tighten your back strap accordingly, so four to six rows of hooks are ideal

Shoulder straps
Choose firm, wide, cushioned shoulder straps that are not too stretchy

The cup
• Cups made from stretchy but firm cotton are best because cotton is a natural fibre that allows your skin to breathe – and it’s soft
• Seams should not run across the nipple area, and lace on the nipple can irritate
• The fabric support that sits around the breast and under the window flap needs to be stretchy
• The window flap should expose quite a lot of the breast so that your baby is able to easily latch on

You need to be able to operate your clip with one hand The best clips are the ones that slot in vertically Slide-on ones are close to impossible to un-do one-handed Velcro “clips” may open by themselves

Good luck finding the perfect bra And when you’ve found it – please share your tips here

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