Sex during pregnancy

There's really no reason to avoid sex during pregnancy. It causes no harm to the baby. Probably, the only reason for not having sex is if one of you doesn't feel like it.

A woman’s sex drive changes during pregnancy Hormones make the mum-to-be nauseous and tired, which hardly improves her sex drive It’s generally seen as understandable for the woman to go off sex during pregnancy, but men’s sex drive can also be affected He’s overwhelmed by the whole pregnancy experience and may feel less in the mood

Cuddling instead of sex
Perhaps one of you feels that physical intimacy, affection and cuddling are more important than actually making love, and that’s totally ok, but remember to keep talking to each other so you don’t lose that special connection

More sex than ever during pregnancy
For other people, the complete opposite is true Some women feel more attractive because of their swollen breasts, their bump, which is beginning to show, and the growing life inside them Many men also find this attractive

Sex drive can change during the pregnancy
Sex drive can change a lot over the course of a pregnancy With most women, their desire increases during the middle trimester Many women testify that they had their best sex and orgasms during their pregnancy It’s because the mucous membrane in the vagina is engorged with more blood than ever before, making the woman much more sensitive

Sex poses no risk to the baby
You don't need to worry about harming your baby, as the risk is non-existent if your pregnancy is progressing normally The baby is well protected in the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid You might have to get more inventive about positions as your tummy grows It can be uncomfortable to lie on your back, as the womb presses on the large blood vessels which carry the blood back to the heart

An orgasm can start some contractions, and that’s ok, but if they are painful, or if you are feeling any other pain or have a little bleeding after sexual intercourse and orgasm, you should contact your LMC

When to stay away from sex
The only time you need to stay away from sex is if your LMC has told you to

Always share your concerns, even in this area, with your LMC You don’t have to be embarrassed or beat around the bush There is nothing, literally nothing, they haven’t heard or been asked before!

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