Healthy weight - gain when pregnant

There is far too much talk about weight during the pregnancy. This is a time to be eating as healthily as you can so you deliver a healthy baby.

Perhaps you feel bloated and clothes don’t fit that well any longer And there could be a nagging thought, how big am I going to be? Will I be able to lose this weight? Will I ever be myself again?

Don’t worry about weight
First of all - don’t worry about your weight There's nothing wrong with gaining weight during pregnancy – that’s what’s meant to happen! A weight gain of between 10 - 15 kilos is ‘normal’ The baby makes up 35 kilos of that and the rest is:

• Womb - about 1 kg
• Placenta - about 05 kg
• Breasts - about 1 kg
• Amniotic fluid - about 1 kg
• Fluid retained in body - about 15 kg
• Increased volume of blood - about 15 kg
• Fat deposits for breastfeeding - about 05 - 1 kg

If your weight was normal when you got pregnant, a weight gain of around 12 kg is sufficient However, if you were underweight there is no problem if you gain more, or less if you were overweight

Never diet
You should never go on a diet when you’re pregnant There are environmental toxins embedded in your body fat that are released when you lose weight These could be harmful to your baby

There's far too much talk about weight, losing it and gaining it during pregnancy All you have to do is eat well (=healthy), do some exercise and enjoy your pregnancy
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