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Fatigue, weight, joy - double it; you’re having twins! But not to worry. Odds are that you’re going to have two healthy babies.

Until the first ultra sound examination most people haven’t got a clue that they’re expecting, not just one baby, but two And that notion is quite surprising to say the least Perhaps shocking would be a better description Joy, concern, excitement and astonishment are some of the feelings running through head and heart
The best thing to do is to talk to other parents with twins It may seem like a really cheap piece of advice But it can be very comforting to hear that they have the same thoughts and questions that you have – and they may even know the answers to many of them
And remember; you have several months to prepare for this change
Carrying twins means more of everything; eating more, resting more and gaining more weight, but you actually do not have to worry more
It’s true that multiple pregnancies have a greater risk of developing complications But in almost every case, women pregnant with twins deliver healthy babies They may be born a couple of weeks earlier (on average two to three weeks) than their singleton friends, but the odds are that they’ll be fine
Don’t forget, you have to take care of yourself! Forget about your co-worker who came to the office until the day her waters broke You’re carrying two babies, and your fatigue may very well be twice as bad as the singleton mom, especially in the first and last trimester
When you double or triple the numbers of babies, you can expect the amount of weight gain to increase proportionately And the gain really takes off during weeks 12-16 But don’t worry about gaining Eat healthily Slow down
Expecting twins doesn’t just mean eating more, resting more and gaining more weight, it means paying more as well… Because you need two sets of almost everything
You’ll need two car seats, two beds (for later, maybe they’ll share a crib at the beginning), two high chairs and more (check out this link) One good piece of advice is to beg, borrow and steal (just kidding) stuff To lighten the pressures on  your wallet, check out second hand stores
And you do need a twin stroller There’re tandem or side by side versions on the market Tandem is mostly for older and younger siblings, but they are slender, longer, and easier to maneuver Picking the right one for your family is a matter of when, where and how you’re planning to use it City or off road? Big, small or no car at all? Read more here about picking the right stroller
There are some things that you need to think about in advance,breastfeeding is one of them There’s no reason to even think that breastfeeding couldn’t be an option for you and your babies You can feed them separately or together There are several ways of holding twins for breastfeeding Read more here

By the end of the pregnancy it is time to gather the troops, your helpers Perhaps there are people in your extended family that you can count on when the twins arrive? Because you’ll really appreciate some help in the beginning
Also freeze in some food now, to eat later!
While twins may be born within five minutes of each other, most arrive at intervals of 20 to 30 minutes The three first phases are like any other delivery, with more room to move So when the first is born, the second baby may stretch out and change position Hopefully in a vertex presentation But it might also be in a breech or transverse presentation Then your doctor may attempt to turn the baby
You’re home with your babies, so take care of yourself now, rest, take naps and ask for help Because there are two more people depending on you now
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