When your baby is constipated

Is your baby sad and agitated and having trouble pooing? It could be that they're constipated.

How do you know if your baby is constipated? If a baby is passing infrequent, hard stools, this is constipation The infrequent passing of normal or runny stools is not constipation
Constipation is very common when changing from breast milk to formula Then you can expect several days of firmer stools until your baby's gut has adjusted to the change in food
Try this when your baby has problems doing a poo:
• Gently massage their abdomen in a circular clockwise direction
• Give your baby a warm bath and massage their abdomen while they’re in the bath
• Hold your baby in an upright position or lay them flat and bring their knees up to their chest
• For a bottle-fed baby, give them 50ml of warm boiled water once or twice a day as well as their usual feeds
If you are worried, or the constipation continues, talk to your nurse or doctor about it Don’t wait
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