When to change a diaper

When and how to change a diaper is not rocket science, but a few tips can come in handy. Here are some!

How often should you change a diaper?
The frequency with which babies need changing varies Many parents change their baby six to eight times every 24 hours during the first couple of days after birth If your baby has a poo in every diaper, you may need to change them more often than that, but bowel movements do tend to become less frequent after a couple of days
Generally, small babies wee more often than slightly bigger babies, which means that their diapers need to be changed five or six times a day and sometimes as often as eight or nine times You should always change the diaper as soon as your baby's done a poo
It's a good idea to have a look at the diaper before and after a feed Always make sure your baby is dry when you put them down to sleep

How often should you change at night?

At night you should only change your baby’s diaper if they've done a poo or if the diaper leaks (In this case you probably have the wrong size Try a bigger one)
If all they’ve done in their diaper is wee, you don’t have to wash them with water at night but you should give them a wash before putting them down for the night when they tend to sleep a little longer than at other times
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