The little vegetarian

Naturally, you can feed your baby solely vegetarian food, but it's important that you have the necessary knowledge about such a diet.

If you’re a vegetarian then you probably want your child to follow the same diet And that should be fine as long as you choose the right kinds of foods
Lacto-vegetarian food
The most common type of vegetarian diet is lacto-vegetarian, that is, one that doesn’t include meat, eggs or fish, but does include milk and dairy products A good, well-balanced lacto-vegetarian diet covers the dietary needs of children, teenagers, and adults alike However, you need to be well-informed to ensure your child gets all the nutrients they need
A dietician can help out
You can’t remove meat, fish and eggs from your diet without replacing them with other protein-rich foods
If you’re at all uncertain and feel that you need to learn more, talk to your nurse or GP before starting your baby on solids They can put you in touch with a dietician, who will be able to help you

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