The changing station

You'll be standing at the changing table many times a day. So here are a few tips about what you might need.

For your changing station (baby changing table) you need:
• A changing mat with a raised edge
• Diapers/Nappies and clothes within easy reach so you never have to turn your back to your baby
• Water, preferably running, but if that’s not possible, a washbowl
• Wipes Muslin cloths or old towels cut into squares work fine They’re easy to wash and use over and over again – great for the environment
• A plastic bag works fine, but a bin is nice, perhaps a pedal bin lined with a plastic bag for dirty nappies
• Unperfumed baby oil If the poo has dried on your baby's bottom, use oil on a wash cloth Rub gently and it will come off

There’s one very important rule at the changing table, and that’s never to turn your back on your baby One of the most common accidents is babies falling off the changing table If you have to turn around, either put your baby on the floor or keep one hand on baby’s tummy

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