The baby blues

About 72 hours after giving birth, you will find the "baby blues" kick in and you'll experience feelings of sadness and plenty of tears - all the result of changing hormone levels.

It might seem crazy, but as a new mother you will sit crying, worrying that someday, someone might be cruel to the little baby lying in your arms However, it's completely normal to feel this way About 72 hours after giving birth, the "baby blues" will kick in You’ll want to cry and be filled with sadness, often ignited by anxiety and thoughts about this little person entrusted to you
Sadness and tears
That’s just your changing hormones putting on an emotional fireworks display Some hormones that have been important during pregnancy are now subsiding, while others necessary for breastfeeding are rising Partners, comfort your loved one It will take a few days, but it will pass
Some of this new-found sensitivity will remain in both of you - becoming a parent changes you emotionally, but the baby blues should pass within a few days If they don’t and you continue to feel down or generally joyless, you should speak to your doctor or midwife It could be something called Postnatal Depression, which affects between 10 and 15 per cent of all new mothers
Postnatal Depression
If that is the case, your GP may refer you to a psychologist Talking to a professional can relieve you of some of the thoughts that prevent you from feeling joyful and confident in your relationship with your baby
Read more about Postnatal Depression here

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