The art of burping

When feeding, many babies swallow air and need to burp. Otherwise they can get tummy ache. This is how to burp your baby.

Babies communicate that they need to burp in different ways If your baby is restless, troubled or seems full even though they haven’t been feeding that long, try to let them burp a couple of times
How to burp
To burp your baby: Support them firmly and rub your hand gently up and down their back "Flinging" your baby up on to your shoulder may actually make it harder to get rid of air, especially if you hold your baby too far up over your shoulder Sometimes it’s enough just to lift your baby up from a prone position to get a good burp
Swallows a lot of air
If your baby swallows a lot of air while feeding, make sure they’re latching on properly to the breast Also try burping them a couple of times during a feed
Not all babies need to burp, but most do So consider this even if your baby is older than three months

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