A good parent group can be a life saver

At parent groups, there's room for celebration, laughing and sharing successes and frustrations over a cup of tea. In short, they can be sanity savers for new parents!

Have you met any parents that you like spending time with? Try joining (or forming) a parent group It can be a real sanity saver
Especially at this stage, when the going is tough and you’re tired and wondering why being a parent isn’t as easy as you expected, it can be a real life-saver to meet other parents with children the same age Parents who understand how much you long to go to the toilet in peace, sleep in late just one morning or wear a sweater without getting vomit down your back
Meet new friends in a parent group
Meeting other parents with same-aged children can feel like coming home at last You’ve got so much in common Even though you know nothing else about each other and may come from completely different backgrounds, you can really help and support each other 
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