Swimpants small

    Protects during playtime in the water

    Swimpants small

    A reliable swimming pant that prevents leaks.

    Libero Swimpants Small fits a child between 7-12 kg perfectly. No matter if it’s time for a day at the beach or the pool, the soft swimming pants will feel comfortable while they prevent leakage. The adaptable pant diapers have a unique core that doesn’t swell – and they are not as absorbent as our other diapers.


    A comfy and flexible pant diaper and a disposable swimming pant in one neat package. During a day at the beach, the diaper stays comfortably in place and provides leakage protection.


    Libero’s adaptable Swimpants will always feel soft against the body. The diaper’s snug materials breathe, to ensure that your child’s skin stays smooth and dry during and after the bath.


    Libero Swimpants Small has been equipped with a unique core. Therefore, the flexible pant diaper won’t swell when your little one is playing and having fun in the pool or the ocean.

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