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    Libero Oil 150 ml

    Natural and gentle for a child’s delicate skin

    Libero Oil 150 ml

    Our wonderfully softening and rehydrating baby oil

    Our Nordic Ecolabeled baby oil is suitable for all small babies with dry and sensitive skin. It contains Nordic canola oil, which has a naturally softening effect on dry skin. You can put a few drops of the fragrance-free oil in the bath water or apply it directly on the body. It can also be used after a diaper change or during a nice baby massage.

    When you use Libero Oil, you little baby’s delicate skin is rehydrated. The mild and gentle oil contains naturally moisturizing Nordic canola oil that is rich in vitamin E.

    Our oil gently and carefully cares for a baby’s skin. Put a few drops of the fragrance free and mild oil into the bath water or apply it directly to the skin. Plus, it’s great during a diaper change or a nice baby massage. 

    Just like the rest of our skin and hair care products, the Libero Oil has been given the Nordic Ecolabel. The oil was closely examined to ensure that it meets Nordic environmental standards. 

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