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    Vi föreslår att du går upp en storlek i god tid för ett perfekt läckageskydd.
    10 - 14 kg
    13 - 20 kg

    Diapers made for all kinds of situations.

    2 - 3 years, kg

    • 10 - 14 kg
      A fit that adapts to every
      movement the child makes.
    • 13 - 20 kg
      A perfect fit that prevent leakage
      during the entire day - and night.
    • 16 - 26 kg
      A soft diaper that adapts to
      your child’s movements.
    • 10 - 14 kg
      A comfy diaper that provides an
      incredibly reliable protection.
    • 13 - 20 kg
      Protection during every movement,
      with a wonderfully comfy diaper.
    • 16 - 26 kg
      Soft and flexible, with a diaper that provides
      a comfortable protection.
    • 10 - 14 kg
      Super flexible fit around
      the waist and thighs.
    • 13 - 20 kg
      A wonderfully comfy pant diaper with a super
      soft freedom of movement.
    • 16 - 30 kg
      A comfortable diaper that
      keeps your child dry at night.

    Simplify with products created for all active days.

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