Finding a work life balance

Striking a perfect work life balance can be a challenge especially in the first few months. You have to constantly juggle between family and work. It can be mentally and physically exhausting. But don’t worry, soon you’ll find a routine that suits both you and your baby.

Get your husband to pitch in

Today, despite both parents working, mothers still take on the majority of childcare issues. A father has to understand the traditional role of mother as primary child caretaker and the father as sole breadwinner has changed. However, some husbands need to be talked into. Unless you delegate or ask for help they might assume all is well. There is no reason, for instance, why your husband can’t pick your baby up from the babysitter or take a day off from work. He will experience that it will help him bond with your child. The lovely little moments he spends together could even help him de-stress.

Grandparents can be a great help

It will greatly benefit all three generations – children, parents and grandparents – if you develop close relationships with each other. If you as parents and grandparents have very different ideas of what children should be allowed to do – and not to do – it might be a good idea to agree from the start. Grandparents who live close to you and have the time may love to babysit when you want to go out. Grandparents can be good in caring when the baby is ill. You may wish to send your maid, if you have one, together with your baby, so the grandparents’ role is more supervisory. Anyway, just ask them – leaving the baby with them can be of great help to you and will often be a source of great joy to everyone concerned.

Organise childcare that you can trust

If you are working you can‘t be constantly worrying about your child. If you have decided to send your child to a babysitter or a day care centre, make sure you have done enough research and checked with other mothers so you can leave your child with the babysitter without any worries. Sending your baby to a babysitter who lives in your neighbourhood or a day care centre that’s on the way to work will cut down on your travel time.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t go on a guilt trip. You know why you are working. You are not a superwoman so it is okay if the house is messy for a day or two. Set aside some time for yourself to recharge, so you can spend more quality time with your child.

Use technology to your advantage

  • Use online banking to do your financial transactions or to pay your bills.
  • Have a checklist reminder on your mobile of the things you have to get ready for your baby so you are not rushing the next morning.
  • Shop for things online to save time.

How to choose the perfect diaper for your baby?

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