Handling Sibling Rivalry

Prepare your older child for the arrival of the new baby by sharing how the new baby is developing.

Let the big sister or brother feel the baby is kicking in your tummy. Let your older child visit you in the hospital. Allow him/her to take part in looking after the baby together with you. Let your older child express his or her feelings; listen and show him/her you understand. Make your older child feel important as well.

Your husband and your older child could play together, while you are breastfeeding your baby.

You should also try to spend some time with your older child without the baby’s presence. This will let you focus on your older child and get involved in something he or she enjoys.

There are times when your older child might ask you whom do you love most.

Your child just wants to be reassured he or she is loved completely. Tell him/her the reasons why you love them both. Mention all the good points of your older child. Once you manage to reestablish your older child’s confidence in your love for him or her, positive feelings between the siblings can develop and thrive.

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