How to resolve parental conflicts

Just how challenging and demanding a new little baby can be may catch you by surprise. Although it is true that a baby reinforces a relationship and makes life wonderful, a baby can also sometimes turn the tables, so you actually feel you are being pulled apart.

Once the baby has arrived, you will have to adjust your lives, perhaps to a greater extent than you would have thought. There will inevitably be some conflict between your habits and needs, and those of your baby. What’s important is an open and honest discussion with your spouse on how to arrange your lives in this new situation.

“Usually I try to get some rest when my baby sleeps and read spiritual parental guide books"

Chin Jin Oh

“I get away for some coffee with friends and catch up on some things I missed”

Elsa Tan

1. Who needs the sleep?

Whose entitlement is it? Is it your husband’s or yours? It is no point debating. Both of you deserve a good night’s sleep and a little snooze here and there. So make a pact and a few sacrifices for the sake of your little one, who is oblivious to all these, of course.

2. Who did more?

There is no point in comparing. You both belong to the same team. The goal is to give the best to your child. So make a master list of the things to do and divide the work fairly.

3. Who is right?

There will always be difference of opinions about the way things are handled when it comes to your child. It is not about who is in control. There needs to be some objectivity here. After all, it is about the well-being of your child.

4. Who needs the appreciation?

When you are trying to survive the new-parent phase, a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. It can be a small gesture or a well-deserved compliment here and there. Everyone feels good when they feel they are not being taken for granted. It applies both ways, of course

5. Who needs sex?

Romance does not need to go out of the window when you have a newborn. However, a lot of consideration and effort is needed to recreate the romance especially when both of you might be tired. You as a mother might want some space after breastfeeding and attending to the baby the whole day. It is good to talk it out. Make some adjustments, perhaps changing the time of day you have sex will help.

Remember, it is just this first parent-phase, once it is over things will fall back in place. Of course, at every stage of your child’s growth there will be some other challenges. That’s where Drypers Baby Club will help you stay ahead with the right information and relevant support.

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