A Moms Group can be a great support system

Whether you are a stay at home mum or a working mum, starting a moms group has tremendous benefits. It can be a great support system where new moms can meet other moms who have children around the same age to discuss issues of common interest and exchange experiences. If you are a mother for the first time, there’ll be a lot of things you’ll be unsure of. Like when to introduce solid food or what to do if your baby doesn’t sleep easily. You can get first-hand information from moms who are going through the same things.

Eventually, your mom’s group can evolve to become a playgroup for your child where he/she can find playmates of his/her own age. Play dates, outings and activities can be arranged and it can be lots of fun for your child and for you to socialise with the other moms. Once you get to know the other mothers well enough, you can get their help to babysit your child in the event your immediate family members are not available.

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How to start a Moms Group

It can start as easily as introducing yourself to another mom at the children’s playground or while standing in queue at the local supermarket counter, especially if you notice both of you have children around the same age. You can post on your facebook wall or send out flyers in your neighbourhood. Get their emails or phone numbers. Once the group is formed, you will need a group coordinator who can send out the mails or text messages. Set a time and place that is convenient for all to meet. Make it fun, it could be a potluck or a kiddy party.

5 tips to wean your child off the pacifier

It is natural for a baby to suck on something, whether it is a thumb or a pacifier as it is a way babies soothe themselves. The big question is, if your child sucks on a pacifier, when is the right time to stop him/her from using it. Some believe it is good to wean your child off the pacifier between 7 to 12 months as this is the beginning of the speech development phase. There is actually no hard and fast rule about it. It is good, however, to wean your child off before permanent teeth sets in as it can cause dental problems.

Follow the tips below to make the weaning off process a little easier.

1. Set Limits

You can start by letting your baby use the pacifier only during sleep time and slowly restrict it to night sleep only. You can also start by limiting the places where he/she can use it, for instance, only in the bedroom and not in the living room.

2. Be Firm

If you feel a slow gentle weaning process may not work with your child, just say ‘NO’, no matter how much it breaks your heart. Some parents have found this to be a more effective way. Find your your child a substitute object instead to carry around for security

3. Reward your child

When he/she hands over his/her pacifier, you can throw him/her a party to celebrate the occasion. Give your child a present and make sure
he/she sees others applauding his/her accomplishment.

4. Find healthier alternatives

Tell him/her a story, soothe him/her with a sweet lullaby, or rock him/her to sleep. Leave a red light on during the night. It creates a soft, cosy feel that will calm and soothe him/her and help him/her to sleep.

5. Spend every little moment with your child

Giving up the pacifier will not be easy for your child. He/She will need more love and attention from you during the weaning off process. Distract his/her attention by spending every little free moment with him/her. Be patient even if it takes longer than you expected. Slowly, but surely, you will notice he/she no longer looks for his/her pacifier.

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