Trusting your intuition

How many times, have you told yourself “I wish I had listened to myself”, especially when it concerned your kids. It is a strong gut feeling or a hunch that tells you something is just not right or should be handled in a certain way. You nurtured your baby for nine months in your womb. Your baby was part of you. Sometimes you can tell something is not right about your child without knowing exactly how you knew it. All mothers are uniquely equipped with this innate ability to sense and foresee problems especially when it comes to protecting their children. Some call it maternal instincts.

Although it is important to use your conscious mind to make rational decisions, based on research and reasoning, there are times when you have to trust yourself as a mother and follow your instincts. Sometimes your instincts will tell you differently from what you hear from others about childcare. At the end of the day, you should know your baby better than anyone else. This is not about dismissing the wisdom of elders or the opinion of experts, however hard to explain a mother’s intuition will often tell her exactly what is best for her baby.

“I was driving to work when I had this sudden urge to turn back and check on my one and half year old child who was playing in the house. The maid had stepped outside and he must have followed her. He was at the verge of the swimming pool, if I had not had that hunch to turn back, he could have fallen in, I can’t explain it...”

Helen Fung

“I was at work and was overwhelmed with a nagging feeling that something was not right with my baby at home. When I called home to check, my mum realised my baby was having difficulty breathing as she had somehow grabbed a baby blanket and covered her face tightly”

Selvi Mahen

Sleep has a connection to your baby’s growth

Your baby goes through different phases of sleep. During some periods, your baby will sleep quietly (deep sleep) and at other times more restlessly (REM; rapid eye movement sleep, known as dream sleep). It is during this stage that blood supply to the muscles is increased, energy is restored, tissue growth occurs and important hormones are released for growth and development. In terms of consciousness, this sleep phase is just below waking state. You can perhaps see this yourself when you look at your baby – he/she moves and is easily awakened.

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It is during sleep that almost 50% of the Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are released*. Your baby needs this for optimal physical growth.


A good diaper will help your baby sleep comfortably

Some have the misconception that thicker diapers absorb more so they tend to use it during the night. Actually, it depends on the features. These days many of the advanced gadgets we use are getting smaller and slimmer despite being super-efficient. The same goes for diapers.
As Drypers Wee Wee Dry has 5 elastic bands (two on each side of the legs and one on the waist) it follows the movements of your baby without losing its fit. This offers great flexibility and gives your child the freedom to move and sleep comfortably even on restless nights which is very important.

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