Freedom of movement and play

Physical activity promotes brain development

Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth *. This makes the ability of your child to move freely and learn through his or her own exploration and imagination very important. Play and movement helps to develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain. As these connections develop, your child’s fine and gross motor skills, concentration, language and social skills will also improve greatly.


Freedom of movement and play

When your child’s eagerness to move is a major driving force in his/her brain development you can imagine how important it is that you choose a diaper that gives him/her maximum flexibility to move freely. This is the reason why Drypers Wee Wee Dry comes with TummyFIT Guide™ which allows you to position the tape accurately for the right fit. It allows freedom of movement and follows your little adventurer’s every move without losing its fit. As your baby masters the control of the major muscles, his/her balance, stability and coordination will become better.

Do you know the innate senses your child is born with?

All children are born with 7 senses. You probably know of hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch. There is also the labyrinth and the muscle-led sense. Together with the sense of touch, they are called the primary senses because they are developed first. When these primary senses are well developed your child will feel more confident and safe about his/her movements.

Some tips to train the important primary senses in your child.

The labyrinth of touch

This sense is in the inner ear (labyrinth). It consists of three archways with a vicious liquid which moves as the baby moves his head. Labyrinth of touch ensures the brain gets the message when the head moves for example this is why we don’t feel dizzy when we move. The more the liquid in the archways is turned around, the more trained the labyrinth of touch will be and the more secure your child will feel, about his/her movements.

To train the labyrinth of touch

which improves balance and stability, tilt your child forward and back and from side to side whilst placing him/her on a big ball.

The Sense of Touch

This sits in the skin and mucous membranes and is the earliest developed sense. One way to develop the sense of touch is to allow your child to sense different textured surfaces like carpet, sand, wood or parquet with his/her barefoot, even if he/she hasn’t started walking. Or, you could simply hug your child or give him or her a gentle massage.

Muscle-led sense

This is found in the child’s muscles and tendons and works along with the brain on the movement of your child. It is also the muscle-led sense that ensures your child is in a position where he or she does not fall or run into things.

To develop the muscle-led sense let your child stand up holding furniture. Or, let him or her push or pull at things like a toy car or a doll carriage. Allow your child to carry light objects that are baby-safe.

When to choose pants diapers?

Whether your baby is lying down or becomes more active, crawling, walking, running or playing around, a pants diaper like Drypers Drypantz, is best, as it is customised to fit your baby at different stages of development. It also has a wide elastic band in the waist that makes it so comfortable for your kid to move around, explore and learn new things. You can just slip it on and off easily and undo the sides and change it when there’s poo in it. It’s a quick fix. Try it.

When diapers fit perfectly and your child is able to move freely, you too can enjoy your own freedom of movement.

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