How to deal with diaper rash

No matter how careful you are, diaper rash can occur.

The main reason for diaper rash is wearing a wet or dirty diaper for too long. Prolonged dampness and ammonia substances from urine can irritate your baby’s tender skin making it red and inflamed. This tends to make your baby irritable.

You can treat it yourself

Your baby’s diapers should be changed 5 to 6 times a day, sometimes even 8 to 10 times. Check for wetness after every feed and before you put baby to sleep. Wash baby’s bottom with cotton wool or a soft cotton towel. Do not use soap or oil on baby’s skin. Make sure you pat dry. Apply a thin layer of barrier cream, obtainable without prescription from most pharmacies, during every diaper change. This acts as a protective layer between baby’s sensitive skin and any wee or poo. Leave your baby diaper-free for 1to 3 minutes, exposing waist down to fresh air during every diaper change. With the above treatment diaper rash should clear in 5 to 6 days. If it doesn’t clear but instead worsens seek your doctor’s advice.

You can use a hair-dryer at its lowest /coolest setting to make sure your baby’s folds are dried properly.

Setting up the Changing Station

The changing station should be at a height that suits your back because sometimes you may have to change 8 to 10 diapers a day. The height should be such that your elbows are slightly bent when you stand with your hands on top of the changing station. And you should be able to get your feet in under the changing unit to avoid overstretching your knees. Have all the things you’ll need to change your baby’s diaper and to clean baby’s bottom ready. So it is close at hand.

A hanging mobile toy above the changing station is a very good idea. That makes it more fun for the baby during diaper changes. It is simply something to look at. Make sure it moves a bit. Even at hospitals they use hanging mobile toys to distract babies’attention.

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