Yes, being a parent is also about understanding your baby’s poo!

Understanding your baby’s poo is part of the package. You might as well start with the basics so that you don’t get unduly worried if your baby’s poo colour or texture changes.

Your baby’s first poo

Your baby’s first bowel movement, meconium (composed of materials ingested whilst in your womb), will come within the first 24 hours after birth. It will be black and sticky like tar. After two to three days your baby’s stools will become green-black, and the consistency more watery. Your baby’s poo will also vary according to your feeding method.

Your baby’s poo if breast-fed

After your baby has passed all meconium through his/her system his/her poo will change to lighter green-black and then to a yellow colour. The texture will also change from sticky to grainy. Baby’s poo doesn’t smell if breast-fed.

Your baby’s poo if bottle-fed

If your baby is being fed baby formula rather than breast milk, his/her stools will be light brown with a stronger smell. The poo will most probably be bulkier than breast- fed baby poo as formula milk is harder to digest than breast milk.

Your baby’s poo when weaning

When your baby moves on to solid food, the poo usually will reflect the colour of the food. The poo will also become bigger, bulkier and smellier.

How to change your baby’s diaper

To start with, you’ll need a clean diaper and an extra one, just in case, cotton wool and lukewarm water or mild disposable baby wipes, a changing mat and a safe flat surface (eg. table, floor or bed). Keep everything near and never leave your baby unattended.

  • Wash your hands and place baby on changing table. Always keep one hand on baby.
  • Undo the dirty diaper. Hold your baby’s legs with one hand to pull down the front of the diaper. Wipe as much poo as you can with the diaper itself. Then fold it underneath baby so the clean outer side is now under his/her bottoms.
  • Lift your baby's legs and clean his/her bottoms with cotton wool and warm water or disposable baby wipes. Pat baby’s bottoms dry. If your baby is a boy, point the penis downwards and cover it with a small towel to prevent any ‘surprise shower’. If it is a girl, make sure you wipe from the front to back to avoid urinary infection.
  • Now, pull the old diaper out and allow baby’s bottom be exposed to fresh air for 1-3 minutes before putting on the new one. The adhesive tape should go at the back. Fit the diaper snugly so that urine or poo does not leak out from any loose gaps.

When you put the clean diaper on, make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the umbilical cord stump if it hasn’t yet dropped off. Drypers Wee Wee Dry Newborn has a navel cut design that takes care of this. If your baby is a boy, point his penis downward so that he doesn’t pee towards his navel.

Diaper Changing - a great time to connect with your little one

While you lean over to change, establish contact with your baby’s eyes. Talk and sing to him/her or play peekaboo. Enjoy the precious moments as your baby looks up, smiles and listens to you, sometimes cooing. These little moments can help strengthen the bonding which is so important for your baby’s emotional and behavioural development in future.

How to choose the perfect diaper for your baby?

Choosing the perfect fitting diaper does not necessarily depend on baby’s weight alone. Factors like baby’s age AND body shape as well as whether baby is walking also needs to be considered. That’s why you’ll find Drypers has 3-4 diapers that matches your baby’s weight. To make it easy we have developed a unique Drypers Size-Guide which you can save on your mobile or tablet. You will also get a good overview of Drypers Baby Care products, tips and advice on Drypers usage, a skin care quiz to check your knowledge and details on Drypers 2x Money – Back Guarantee.

Save the Drypers Size-Guide on your mobile

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What should you carry in your baby’s diaper dag

First tip, get a diaper bag with multiple compartments. It will help you organize things better. Now, what should you take along? Half a dozen diapers, a pack of baby wipes, a changing mat, barrier cream, bibs and towels, change of clothes for baby- just in case and a bottle of boiled water with a formula milk dispenser or a bottle of expressed milk if you are breastfeeding. Of course, what you take along depends on how long you expect to be away as well.

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