Your precious one is all ready to explore and learn

You’ll see a sudden surge of growth in your baby from 4 to 6 months. First thing you’ll notice is your baby is no longer still. Your baby’s motor skills would have improved and his/her muscles would be much stronger. Your baby will be more alert and dexterous with his/her hands. You will also notice your baby’s eyesight becoming sharp and his/her level of perception improving. In other words your precious one is ready to explore and learn.

Your baby’s little hands will be reaching out and grabbing everything within his/her reach which most likely will end up in his/her mouth. Be very careful not to leave small items near your baby. He/She will start rolling from his/her back to the front and vice versa. Place a toy next to the side your baby usually rolls to in case he/she is interested enough to try again. Encourage your baby by applauding his/her efforts. Do make sure your baby is not left unattended on a high surface! Remember at this point your face and voice are the most exciting things for your baby. Relish all the beautiful little moments you share with him/her as it makes the connection between the both of you stronger.

Your child can now hold things like a rattle and will be attracted by different noises. He/She will slowly try to mimic your words. Touch your baby’s face, nose, eyes and teach him/her their names. Sing to your baby a few lines from a nursery rhyme repeatedly. As your baby’s legs and torso are ready for more he/she will be looking for slightly bigger challenges. You can help your baby sit on your knee with support. Or, at about 5 months, you can gently pull your baby to a standing position on your lap and bounce.

Toys your kids love at this age

At 4 to 6 months they love colourful toys that incorporate music, balls with sounds, rattles, stuffed toys and music boxes. An activity centre or cradle gym is also a good choice for your baby, as he/she discovers what happens when he/she pulls a lever and hears the music.

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Play with your child to stimulate his/her motor skills. Parenthood does not mean the fun has to stop.

Roll Game

Put your baby on a mattress. Make sure your baby’s arms are stretched upwards so the hands are above his/her head. Roll him/her gently with your hands placed under your baby’s shoulder blades. If your baby thinks it’s funny, you can repeat the game.

Reach- for- it Game

Sit cross-legged and place your baby on his/her stomach across your thighs, so your baby’s knees rest on the floor. Add a little toy in front of him/her so your baby can reach for it.

Strengthen- your- back Game

Put your baby on his/her stomach. Add a little toy in front of your baby. Get to his/her level and put yourself in front of your baby. Talk and sing to your baby.

Play with the sound of music

Music can help create a good atmosphere while you are playing and make your child feel extra safe when he/she hears familiar sounds and tones. Your child will respond to the music and sound by turning his/her head curiously. This helps in the development of your baby’s motor and linguistic skills.

The most suitable diaper for your baby at this stage

As your baby’s motoric skills are improving, the diaper he/she uses has to give your baby the comfort and freedom to move around freely. Besides, it is a known fact that movement and play promotes early brain development and learning.

Drypers Wee Wee Dry has 5 elastic bands (two on each side of the legs and one at the waist) to make it easy for your baby to move around. This enables your baby to roll, crawl and move about freely without the diaper losing its fit and coming in your baby’s way.

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