Benefits of Baby Massage

Touch is baby’s first language

Skin to skin contact will help both you and your husband communicate with your baby without saying a word. It is one of the best ways to express your love and strengthen the bond between you and your baby. Just think of how good it feels when the one you love touches you. It is perhaps even many times better for your baby.

Calms baby and reduces crying

Various studies show that massage has a soothing effect that calms your baby and there is significant reduction in crying time.

Stimulates physical, emotional and mental development.

It stimulates growth-promoting hormones to help your baby achieve full potential.

Helps your baby sleep better

Increases serotonin levels and regulates melatonin secretion rhythms to help baby sleep better

Strengthens your baby’s immune system

Increased serotonin also helps give baby better immunity.

Reduces wind, colic, reflux and constipation

Studies show massage helps in the elimination process of waste from baby’s body.

Makes you and your baby feel good

Massage stimulates the body’s production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin that relaxes and makes you feel good when you hold baby close or breastfeed. Don't forget to pamper yourself with a massage too. You deserve it.

Aids baby’s digestion process

Touch enhances secretion of digestive hormones and helps baby’s digestive system work more efficiently.

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Tell us which of the benefits you experience, when trying the Baby Massage?

Tell us which of the benefits you experience, when trying the Baby Massage?

Massage makes your baby sleep much better. Giving you more me-time to pursue the things you love.

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