Bathing your little baby

The temperature of the bath water must be approximately 37°C (ie. same as body temperature) for bathing him/her. Use your elbow to check whether the temperature of the water is right. You can also buy a small bath thermometer to help you ensure that the baby’s bathwater is at the correct temperature.

Note that a daily bath will not harm the baby’s skin. But do not use much soap. Soap is not needed even if the baby has had a bowel movement. Drypers Baby Bath is much gentler as it has oat kernel extracts that gently moisturize your baby’s skin.

Some babies love having a bath – others don’t.

This is how you might go about bathing your baby: Start by washing your own hands. Keep a secure hold of the baby’s back when bathing him/her unless he/she is in a bodyshaped bathtub.

  • Wash your baby's face, ears (behind his/her ears as well) and his/her neck
  • Lift the baby’s arms and wash his/her armpits
  • Rub your baby's scalp with the palm of your hand. You could massage his/her scalp gently with some water. Lift your baby's chin, and wash under his/her chin – and his/her neck.
  • Wash your baby's bottom as the last thing. If he/she has had a bowel movement, you should wash his/her bottom before you start bathing him/her. Make sure you – very gently – get into the skin folds between his/her thighs and body.
  • Use your hand or a facecloth to wash his/her back.
  • Lift him/her out of the bathtub and dry him/her carefully – including all his/her skin folds – before dressing him/her.

Do you know that Drypers Baby Care products have oat kernel extracts to nourish your baby’s skin?

There is a good reason why Drypers Baby Care products are enriched with oat kernel extracts and Pro Vitamin B. They are known for generations for their moisturising and nourishing qualities on skin.

Drypers Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo and Baby Head to Toe can make your baby’s bath times more meaningful as they don’t just cleanse but also care for your baby’s skin.

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