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Drypers Drynights double points special promotion

2 x 100 Points
Act now to collect bonus points to redeem lovely gifts from Drypers Point Shop. A privilege only for you as a Drypers Baby Club member.

Your available Drypers Point balance:

Note: SCA Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd does not condone cheating with codes
Key-in the Drypers Drynights unique code here:
Unique code:   Unique code:  
Where to find the codes? In Drypers Drynights packs you will find the unique code on the inner side of the pack just underneath the Weight/ Size indicator.
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Terms and Conditions
  1. Who can participate? The double points promotion campaign is exclusively for Drypers Baby Club members and the campaign page can only be accessed via the link you received in the Drypers Drynights E-mail. Each household can participate only once in this campaign.
  2. How do I collect the double points? Once you arrived on the campaign page, you can start registering the unique codes of the Drypers Drynights Jumbo packs you have bought. Your double points will only be granted once you submit your registration at the very end of the process.
  3. What products are valid for the double points? Only Drypers Drynights Jumbo packs will provide you with double points. You may also register other Drypers diaper packs, but you will only receive the regular amount of points. Click here to get an overview of how many points you collect for the different Drypers diaper packs.
  4. How many codes may I register? Each member can register 2 Drypers Drynights Jumbo packs at a maximum. If you register more than 2 codes, you will receive the regular points after registering the 3rd code of Drypers Drynights.
  5. How many points can I collect per package? You can collect 200 points for max. 2 Drypers Drynights Jumbo packs you register with the correct unique code. After registering the 3rd Drypers Drynights code, you collect the regular amount of points (100 points).
  6. How long is the offer valid? There is no expiration on the offer, but the double points are only granted, if Drypers Drynights codes are registered via the campaign page. Max. 2 Drypers Drynights can be registered with double points.
  7. Where can I find the unique codes? In the Drypers Drynights Jumbo packs you will find the unique codes on the inner side of the pack just underneath the Weight/Size indicator.
  8. How can I redeem my points? You can redeem the points you have collected via the Drypers Point Shop. Please click here to see the gift overview available for you.
  9. Contact information Toll-Free Consumer Care Line: 1800 88 9988 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm) Email:
Disclaimer: If SCA Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd suspects cheating with codes, the company has right to request the proof of purchase from the member.
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