Redemption Travel & Discovery Train since 15/9/2018 NO FEEDBACK for your side

Dear Dryper Costumer Service, I'm 4 years 6 month full supporter of Dryper since my eldest kids was born until today my second kids also using Dryper pampers. I had make an order since 15/9/2018 of Travel & Discovery Train (7900 points), until today (8/11/2018) more than 54 days still not yet receive the item. In between i had send more than 3 emails to customer services but nobody reply, and i had call to customer service (1800-88-9988) nobody pick up ! Can have anyone reply about this case ? Is the item out of stock or the delivery had missed ?? Hope to get your reply ASAP, thanks.

Grace Kang
Grace Kang
3 years, 1-month-old Toddler

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