How to collect points

As a member of the Drypers Baby Club you have the exclusive privilege to collect points to redeem lovely and meaningful gifts from Drypers Point Shop.

Most of the gifts are developed based on the concept of play and development to encourage curiosity and imagination in your child. Check in your Point Shop account the number of points you have collected and use them to redeem the gifts. If you don’t have enough points continue to collect more.

You can collect points in several different ways:

1. By purchasing selected Drypers diaper packs* (see below for the participating Drypers diaper packs)
2. By answering and scoring points in email questionnaires.
3. By referring friends to Drypers Baby Club
4. By taking part in certain on-going promotions by Drypers Baby Club.

What is the unique code?

The unique code is the valid proof of purchase required to collect points from Drypers Point Shop.

Where can I find the unique code that I have to enter on the Drypers package?

In Drypers Touch, Drypers Wee Wee Dry, Drypers Drynights and Drypers Classic packs you will find it on the inner side of the pack just underneath the Weight/Size indicator.

Drypers Weight/Size indicator see behind to locate Unique Code

In the Drypers Drypantz packs, you will find it on the inner side of the pack beneath the Weight/Size indicator, just next to the barcode area.

Drypers Weight/Size indicator see behind to locate Unique Code

How to enter the unique code and collect points?

Enter the code in the box available on the front page of the Point Shop. Click on Drypers Baby Club in the menu and then on the Point Shop. You will then see your points.

Participating Drypers diaper packs for Points Collection


Pack Type


Pieces per bag

Entitled Points

Drypers Touch Jumbo S 44 120
M 40
L 34
XL 30
XXL 24
Mega NB 80 1600
S 70
M 64 190
L 54
XL 46
XXL 36
Drypers Wee Wee Dry Jumbo NewBorn 64 120
S 58
M 52
L 44
XL 36
XXL 32
Super Jumbo S 82 170
XXL 40
Mega Value S 68 150
M 62
L 52
XL 42
Mega M 74 170
L 62
XL 50
Drypers Drypantz Jumbo S 48 120
M 44
L 36
XL 32
XXL 28
Mega M 60 150
L 48
XL 42
XXL 36
Drypers ClassicPantz Jumbo S 44 80
M 38
L 32
XL 28
Mega S 60 120
M 58
L 48
XL 44
XXL 36
Drypers Classic Family Pack S 82 120
M 72
L 60
XL 50
XXL 42

Point Shop Gifts

  1. Members are advised to log on to Drypers Baby Club to view the latest Point Shop Gifts which may be updated from time to time.
  2. All Gifts featured in this catalogue may differ from the actual products in terms of size, color or design details. Drypers Baby Club shall not be liable nor responsible in any way whatsoever to the members resulting from such discrepancies.
  3. In the event that the member’s choice of Gifts is unavailable, Drypers Baby Club shall in its absolute discretion substitute it with an item of similar value.
  4. Drypers Baby Club reserves the right, without assigning any reason whatsoever to the members, to remove, discontinue and/or replace all or any of the Gifts provided herein.
  5. Drypers points, which have been used to redeem any Gift, shall be deemed as used. Request by members for any change or cancellation of a redemption, which has been accepted by Drypers Baby Club will not be entertained. Gifts redeemed cannot be returned or exchanged.
  6. Once we have accepted redemption request, Gift will be delivered to the address that you have registered in Drypers Baby Club. Delivery of Gift will not be made to any P.O. Box addresses, addresses not serviced by courier providers and addresses outside Malaysia.
  7. Drypers Baby Club will endeavor to deliver the redeemed Gifts to Members within 4 to 6 weeks upon receiving the redemption request from the Member.
  8. If the Gift is returned undelivered to Drypers Baby Club due to non-acknowledgement of receipt, member must provide a valid address to accept delivery within thirty (30) working days from the date the Gift is returned undelivered to Drypers Baby Club.
  9. If Drypers Baby Club attempts to resend or redeliver the Gift to the member and such Gift is again returned undelivered to Drypers Baby Club after the second attempt of delivery, Drypers Baby Club shall not further attempt to send or deliver the said Gift. The Drypers points used to redeem the said Gift shall be deemed forfeited and Drypers Baby Club shall not be obliged to reinstate such Drypers points to the member.
  10. If Gifts remain unclaimed after two (2) months from the redemption date will be deemed as forfeited.
  11. Drypers Baby Club shall not be liable or obliged to recognize or replace any defective, lost, damaged or stolen Gifts.
  12. Drypers Baby Club assume no responsibilities for any physical injury, death, claims, losses, costs, expenses, damages or embarrassment suffered by member or any other party, of whatever nature resulting from the Gift redeemed.
  13. Important information about collecting points

    1. You can earn points for as long as you are a Drypers Baby Club member. Your membership in the Drypers Baby Club lasts until your child turns five.
    2. The points must be used in the Point Shop before your membership in the Drypers Baby Club ends and the points expire.
    3. Gifts are sent out every week and should reach you within 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order.
    4. Points are allocated to select Drypers diaper packs only. Please see list above. There are no points allocated for Drypers baby care products.
    5. You may collect as many points as you want as long as you are a Drypers Baby Club member and the registered codes belong to Drypers packages you have purchased for your own, private consumption.
    6. If SCA Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd suspects cheating with codes, the company reserves the right to request proof of purchase from the member (the printed unique code from Drypers diaper pack must be matched with the unique code recorded in Your Drypers Points History).
      The company also reserves the right, at its sole discretion and with or without notice, to make necessary adjustment to the Drypers points credited in member’s account.
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